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August 7, 2013

Nadine: Athens

  Athens was a very cool town, We went on a train called the happy train, that took us to all of the famous places in Athens, there were a lot of them. The places were the Parloment, the Acropolise, the Parthanon, Adrion’s Arch, the Temple of Zeus, and the mountain guards.
    All of these things were very cool, and starting from the beginning, I will describe each of them. We will start with the Parloment, the Parloment was very big and it always had guards around it, it was tan and in my opinion, kind of dull.
   Next is the Acropolise, the Acropolise was covered in incredible things, like the caves where the Greek gods used to live, and of course there was the Parthanon on top, which is the thing I was going to talk about next.
   The Parthanon was very cool in many ways, even the collums were cool. Most of it had been destroyed, but the rest of it was amazing.
   The next thing I will talk about is Adrion’s Arch, Adrion’s Arch is a magnifisent sight. It is a giant arch, with a door way like structure on top of it.
   Now for the next thing, The Temple of Zeus, the temple of Zeus used to have many collums, but there are only 15 remaining. My guess is that the temple of Zeus used to be a grand sight, but now it is only ruins.
   Now for the last subject that I will talk about in this blog, the mountain guards, the mountain guards were very interesting, they had these funny shoes on that had pom poms on them. They also had big long guns, that had bayonets on them, but that is not all, they also walked really weird, they would walk reguraly with one leg, and they would bend the the other, then they would straiten there leg in the air, then they would finally put there foot down. This being the last thing I will talk about in this blog, my Athens Blog is officially over.

August 5, 2013

Nadine: Georgia

Georgia was very fun, we went to the beach a lot and one of the coolest things that we did was, we swam with dolphins. The dolphins bellys felt kind of like rubber, it was very cool, and most people think that you only swim on top of dolphins, but we got to swim under them too. That was not the only cool thing about Georgia, we also got to go to go to a birthday party for Natella’s Dad, Natella is the person that we were staying with. The party was very fun and every body was very nice. The final thing that I will talk about in this blog is the wonderful beach. It was not a sand beach, but instead it was a beach with rocks on it. I did not get why it was called the Black Sea because it was very pretty, the only reason I would think it would be called the Black Sea is because when it is night time, you can not tell the difference between the sky and the ocean. This concludes my Georgia blog.

August 4, 2013

Nadine: Rome

There are many things to talk about when it comes to Rome, but there are only five things that I will talk about in this blog and they are the Coliseum, the house that we stayed in, the giant wall, the trains, and last but not least, the garden. All of these things are very interesting, and starting from the beginning I will tell you about all of them.
The subject I will start with is the Coliseum, the Coliseum was very cool, you would think that the out side of it would be cooler, but the in side was way more interesting. The out side of the Coliseum was amazing, the architecture was beautiful and the columns and arches were magnificent, but that did not compare to the inside. The inside of the coliseum was very cool, it did not matter that half of it looked like it would fall over at any second, every thing was beautiful.
Now for the next subject, the house that we stayed in, we stayed with a family of five. They were all very nice, but the kids were never there all together, but they did have three cats that were always there. The also had a beautiful picnic table that was green tile and had an amazing cover over it that was trees grown into a cover over your head that provided shade.
Next in this blog, will be the subject of the mystery wall, the mystery wall was a giant wall that we saw every time we went on the train to Rome, it was a giant brick wall, with giant arches in it, that is really all I can say about the mystery wall, for we never found out what it really was.
Now for the subject that was very important to us, the trains! The trains were a big help because if we did not have those trains in Rome we would never have gotten to do the majority of the stuff that we did, the trains were organized very well, but we were not always very good at catching them. There is not much that I can tell you about when it comes to this subject.
This next subject is the last subject, but it is a very interesting one, and it is the garden near Castle  Gandolfo. The garden was beautiful, it had some of the only trees that had the only native trees that were left from before they reforested. It was amazing, I had never heard of the majority of the trees that were in that garden, and there were not only plants, there were also fountains and ancient ruins. I have finished the blog for Rome and I will blog again when I have been to another place.

August 3, 2013

Nadine: Florence

When you are in Florence, you see things that are very different to what a lot of people are used to, like when you are driving down the road, there will be a street with really big stores, and on other streets there are a lot of little bitty stores, that are all really close to each other. That was not the most interesting thing about Florence, there was one really cool museum that used to be a house where the de Medici family lived, it had all of these really cool rooms and there was one secret room that had a door that was disguised as a map on the wall. In that room, the group that we were having a tour with, got to dress up like people would dress when the de Medici’s lived in that house (the mid evil times). There was also a giant vineyard, by the house that we where staying in. The food in Florence was pretty good, we ate a lot of spaghetti. Last, but not least, the swimming pools, at the swimming pools there were a lot of rules that did not apply, like wearing a swim cap, you have to wear a swim cap if you are in the water, there were also rules that did not apply in Florence, and did apply in Austin, like running and diving. These were all of the coolest things from Florence.

July 8, 2013

Nadine: Poland, Wieliczka salt mine

The salt mine in Poland was very interesting and I think that it would not be as interesting if it was not so old, for the mine was started hundreds of years ago, but I do not think that the mine was only interesting for that reason, I also thought that it was interesting because you could rub your hand across the wall and then you could lick your hand and it would be salty. The mine also had wood walls that were piled a certain way, so that the mine would not collapse, which I think is very cool. When you are on the tour they give you head sets and little radios, so that you can here them clearly, the thing that I thought was cool about that, is that they worked so far under ground. They also had churches in the mine, the churches were very pretty and they had very nice art work, but the stairs were made of the salt rocks that were in the mine, and those were very slippery. When you were done with the tour, you are able to walk around a large circle in the mine that has different rooms, that you can shop, play, and eat, then when you are done with that you can go up on the lift.

July 5, 2013

Nadine: Auschwitz

There were a lot of things in Krakow and one of those things is Auschwitz, which was not a very happy place, but it was very interesting. The places that the people lived and suffered in were the opposite of lugjerious, they had straw mattresses that were on the the floor or on three bed bunk beds, and the bunk beds wiggled around a lot, so if you were on the second or third bed, you would fall off every once in a while. That was not the worst thing about Auschwitz, they would put a lot of people in very small rooms with out food or water for days, and that was how a lot of them died, but there are two other ways that happened a lot, and they are getting beaten to death or being gassed in the gas chambers, where you would be put in a large room with a lot of other people, and the room was filled with shower nozils that the gas would come out of. The people in Auschwitz would also be shot on the spot if they did not follow directions when they were working, for the people there had to work all day every day, and they did not get much to eat and drink, so they were not very healthy which made it hard to do work. This was a horrible place where many people were killed, and tortured.

July 4, 2013

Nadine: Sweden

Sweden was really fun,  every body was really nice and most of the people knew how to speak English. At the farm, there were a lot of cool things like, the dogs and the chickens. All of the animals were really funny and cute, but the dogs stood out, there names were Tilda and Alice. Tilda was away for part of our stay in Sweden, she was breeding at another persons home. Alice was there the whole time and Alice is very playful,  one of the things that stands out about Alice is that every time you start to run, she runs after you and try so bite your hand or pant leg. The chickens are funny for very different reasons than the dogs, for the chickens are funny because the babies always walk through the holes in the chicken coop to try to get to the older chickens, it is very funny. There is one other funny animal on the farm, and that animal is the humans, and they are very funny, there are 4 kids and the youngest is 1, the next youngest is 3, the next youngest is 5, and the oldest is 7. There is one other funny thing that is not that funny and is not an animal, it is the traditional food at this carnival, it was steamed bread, goat cheese, and butter.  My dad says a nice thing to say about the traditional swedish food is that it is not too spicy. These are some of the best things I witnessed in Sweden.


June 18, 2013

Nadine: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is very fun, it is different from Austin in some ways, but same in others. These are some of the things that are different, many of the women wear tights instead of socks, and the people in Copenhagen will wear swim suits in 50 degree weather, which is their normal temperature in the early summer. They also seem to have a lot of pizzarias, and the people there also ride bikes all the time, which is really fun. There is an amusement park called Tivoli, it is the oldest amusement park in the world. There is also a very fun Planetarium, and the buildings there are very cool because half of them are modern and half of them are old looking. These are some cool things about Copenhagen.