Aug 04

Hank: Florence

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Florence. “Bark, bark,  bark.” They must be at the main gate. “Ya Frank ya.” My ruthless canine companion and I raced down the narrow hallways of the Medici palace. I saw a flick of cape race through a door and then we were upon him. The thief glared at me. He was the first to ever manage a feat so great as to break into the Medici palace and city court room. It was guarded by many guards. All Canine controllers because of its wonderful history.

The Medici family took residence in the city hall. The father was the duke of Florence Italy. The oldest son would be the father’s successor and the second oldest son would become a cardinal. The palace is huge with a larger than normal court room and huge tapestries on the walls and even covering the ceiling. Of course my residence is not nearly as grand but I do very much enjoy it. It is a second story apartment with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a small kitchen and living room. The apartment is located about twenty kilometers out of Florence in a tiny town called Le Valli. There is lots of room for me and Frank to run through the fields and we very much enjoy it.

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  1. From Bonny:

    I wondered what Frankel was barking about!!! He is very interested in something living under my deck…I had to put a board to keep him out. He is awe-inspiring, as are the blogs you and Queen Nadine are writing.

    Posted on August 7, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

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