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Hank: Krakow

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Krakow is a great city and reminds me a lot of Austin. It has about 1,000,000 people and has a big population of about 100,000 students who are attending the many universities. My favorite thing was the Wieliczka salt mine. You could actually wipe your hands across the wall then lick them and you would taste salt. The coolest thing down in the salt mine was the underground cathedral. It is the biggest underground cathedral in the world and it was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. They even hold masses in it. We were over 300 feet below ground in the mine. The guides showed us how the miners moved around the salt after it was mined. The miners actually had horses 300 + feet under ground to help them transport the salt. The last horse was removed in 2002 from the mine so it was fairly recent. Our apartment was on the second floor of a building that was located right on the main market square. We went to one stand in the market square where they roasted quail and had mixed vegetables, although the best thing about it was that they squeezed their own fresh orange juice.


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  1. From Vivien Carson:

    It sounds like you really enjoyed Krakow, and I’m very interested in learning about it. The salt mine sounds like an especially interesting place to visit. Did you know that in the past (Roman times) people received part of their pay in salt? That’s where the word “Salary” comes from. Salt has always been that important: to season and preserve food, so people could keep food longer. BTW, I’d love to taste some roasted quail!

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