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Hank: Mallorca, Spain

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We went to an island south east of Spain called Mallorca. Oddly, they speak Spanish there! Can you believe it? The land is SO beautiful there. Most of it is dry – stack walls terracing the hillsides with olive and fruit trees all around you. Nice beaches make up much of the coastline and where they don’t, cliffs dropping straight to the water from hundreds of feet up make for unbelievable ocean view and picture taking sights. Tall Mountains and low valleys like a giant’s cereal bowl make up the center of the island. These beautiful peaks and bowls boast amazing hiking trails and breath taking lookout points.
        This island is not a volcanic island Unlike Hawaii.
        We stayed in Palma (the capital of Mallorca) for the first couple of days. We were supposed to leave after that but the Lufthansa air line pilots went on strike that day which turned out to be a pretty good thing in my opinion because when that happened we went and stayed in a small mountain town on Mallorca called Soller. In Soller we went hiking twice on two absurdly beautiful hiking trails. The first was probably my favorite because at the top there was a restaurant and hotel that looked out over the whole valley. The second was awesome also because we hiked through the mountains to Soller’s port which is a completely different town on the coast but has the same name.
        In Soller the home that we stayed at was so pretty that I may not find one quite so cool again. I thought that the best part was the fact that it had a ping pong table but I think that every one else thinks that the wisteria hanging above the ping pong table was great. There was also the fact that you could reach through the fence and pick an orange at any time and that was pretty cool. How weird. My mom’s best friend from elementary school lives on Mallorca so we spent a lot of time with her. Her name was Alice and she was an artist. I would recommend this place to any one then tell them to recommend it to any one they know.

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    You really have a way with words. You’re funny, Sir!

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