Mar 22

Hank: Differences between countries

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All of the places we went so far were much different from each other. I would say that the three biggest differences were:
1. The food
2. The money
3. The restrooms
The food was much different. Tastes and diets would change drastically depending on the landscape and crops and what was available. The money was pretty obvious and easy to see. The bathrooms changed dramatically depending on the country.
The food was much different. For example in Nicaragua we ate a lot of rice and beans and plantains. In Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands we ate a lot of fish and meat. When we were in Europe the food changed all the time. Unless you were in a big city like Paris :(  in which case you could get just about anything. In Sweden the food was really bland and in Greece the food was great.
The money was pretty obvious. Europe was pretty well off every where we went. However in South and Central America people seemed to be doing really great or terribly. Some people lived in small huts made out of sheet metal and sticks but some people literally owned there own island. It was a bit crazy how much it differentiated between people. Even Nicaragua vs. Ecuador, which are pretty close to each other, Nicaragua was much poorer than Ecuador.
Restrooms were so different depending on the the wealth and country. Toilets could change dramatically depending on the part of the country that you choose to submerge yourself in. For example when we went to China the year before last you could either be in a normal Chinese place where they have squat toilets which looked like porcelain pit latrines that flushed, or you could be in one of those five star hotels where they have toilets that are smarter than my sister. For example one toilet had a seat warmer and a little thing that would squirt your butt for you. This was all controlled by a remote control.

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