Feb 16

Nadine: La Mariposa Spanish School, Nicaragua

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I have been looking forward to this part of the trip for months. I might have been sad when I had to leave my mom, but when I got here I knew that it was all worth it. There are beautiful plants and flowers and everybody is so energetic. There is not just plant life, but there is also a lot of animals. All of these wonderful things are at the Mariposa Spanish School in Nicaragua.

There is one sound that you really have to get used to while you are here. You have to get used to the sound that wakes you up every morning. You have to get used to the sound of the green parrots. In fact they do not only wake you up, but they squawk all day. There are other animals here too. There are lots of other birds, one black bunny, and four really cute monkeys. The bunny lives in a cage in front of the hotel. There are a lot of cages at the school. Personally, I think that the bird cage that is beside the monkey cage is the biggest. The majority of the cages here hold birds because the majority of the animals are birds. The biggest cage holds the toucans and ducks. My favorite bird is probably the whistling duck, but the toucan is also really cute. The birds are all really nice, and are a large part of the beauty of la Mariposa.

I think that my favorite animals here are the monkeys, actually I think that my favorite animals anywhere are monkeys. You can feed the monkeys bananas and other fruits, one of their favorite things is coffee beans witch is a little weird because I would never think that a monkey would like coffee beans. In Spanish monkey is mono, in fact one of the monkeys names is mono. All of the monkeys have names. The monkey’s names are Mono, Legwan, Shima, and Cutie. Mono and Cutie are the nicest, while Legwan is a bit mean, and Shima is very shy. They are usually very nice and fun to play with at la Mariposa Spanish School.

We do not get to hang out with the animals all day, though I wish we did, we have classes from 8:00-12:00. We only have classes on the week days so we get to hang out with the animals all day on the weekends. After breakfast they ring a bell that signifies that it is time for class. I have two classes and I have different teachers for each class. My first teacher changes every week, but the second one is always the same. My first teacher and I will translate read and write Spanish in till ten o’clock. We have a small break at ten and then the bell rings again which signifies that it is time for my second class. My teacher for the second class is named Mosese. We will study in a really nice out door classroom in till noon. At noon we have lunch and then we have home schooling in till three o’clock. Next we have the rest of the day free. All of this cool stuff is at the Mariposa Spanish School.

This is why everybody would love la Mariposa Spanish School. They would love it for the people, the animals, the plants, and the education.


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