Apr 12

Nadine: Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca was a very fun place. There were a lot of beaches and cafés. We stayed in two cities while we were there. The first city we stayed in was called Palma and the second one was called Soller.

Palma was a walled city. It had this giant cathedral in the center of town. The cathedral had a pond in the front that had swans in it. The architecture of the cathedral was absolutely amazing. Palma and New York were both artistic. New York was bigger, but I think Palma had a larger span of personalities, though I do not know which one I liked better. There were a lot of really nice beaches in Palma. There were bike paths that went along the water. You could rent bikes and ride down the whole path, which is fifteen kilometers. My mom met one of her friends from elementary school there. We spent a lot of time with her. Her name was Alice. She was really nice. She was also an amazing artist. We had a little apartment that had no windows and the bedrooms were kind of small, but other than that it was really nice. Mallorca was first settled by prehistoric peoples who built stone structures that included the Great Wall of Palma which other conquerors of Mallorca, such as Romans and Moors, kept in later years.

Soller was a cute beach town. It had an amazing port, and there was a really nice beach there. There were a lot of little cafés along the water. My favorite place was a little ice cream shop with really creamy ice cream. Personally, I think my favorite flavor was strawberry. In Soller proper there were a lot of really cool hikes. The first one was my favorite because it had a canopy of trees that made a tunnel. There was also a train that went from the port to Soller proper. A different train went from the port to Palma, and yet another went from Soller proper to Palma and back. Mallorca was really fun and I can’t wait to go back on another trip.


4 Responses to “Nadine: Mallorca, Spain”

  1. From Aunt Bonny:

    If you need a travel companion, I will go with you! It sounds wonderful described by you, Miss Nadiney!

    Posted on April 22, 2014 at 10:22 pm #
  2. From Indiana cousin, Jo Ellen:

    Hi Nadine,
    I am enjoying the trip from your perspective! Keep on writing and “hi” to your mom and dad and brother…we miss you!!

    Posted on April 23, 2014 at 1:47 am #
  3. From Chad Rackowitz:

    Hello all!

    I hope your travels are going well. I’m jealous! But I’m also thrilled that y’all are having such a marvelous experience.

    After weeks of delays, Nadine’s class T-shirt is finally ready. I would love to mail it to Nadine. There’s nothing like receiving a fun package from abroad. I’ll also let the kids know that they can write letters to enclose with the package. Could you please send me the mailing address where you’ll be able to receive the package?

    Thanks so much! Safe travels!

    Chad Rackowitz

    Posted on April 24, 2014 at 10:02 pm #
  4. From Vivien Carson:

    Hi Nadine,

    I’m glad you liked Mallorca. It’s supposed to be really beautiful, and when I was living in Europe, I heard from people who went there that they had a great time. I have never been there, so I like reading what you have to say. Was the weather ever good enough to go swimming? Did you get to go to the famous beaches? It must be great having your mom along… what a fantastic family experience. Believe me, you’ll never forget it, but take lots of pictures, anyway. (and I mean LOTS!)

    Posted on April 27, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

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