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Nadine: Rome

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There are many things to talk about when it comes to Rome, but there are only five things that I will talk about in this blog and they are the Coliseum, the house that we stayed in, the giant wall, the trains, and last but not least, the garden. All of these things are very interesting, and starting from the beginning I will tell you about all of them.
The subject I will start with is the Coliseum, the Coliseum was very cool, you would think that the out side of it would be cooler, but the in side was way more interesting. The out side of the Coliseum was amazing, the architecture was beautiful and the columns and arches were magnificent, but that did not compare to the inside. The inside of the coliseum was very cool, it did not matter that half of it looked like it would fall over at any second, every thing was beautiful.
Now for the next subject, the house that we stayed in, we stayed with a family of five. They were all very nice, but the kids were never there all together, but they did have three cats that were always there. The also had a beautiful picnic table that was green tile and had an amazing cover over it that was trees grown into a cover over your head that provided shade.
Next in this blog, will be the subject of the mystery wall, the mystery wall was a giant wall that we saw every time we went on the train to Rome, it was a giant brick wall, with giant arches in it, that is really all I can say about the mystery wall, for we never found out what it really was.
Now for the subject that was very important to us, the trains! The trains were a big help because if we did not have those trains in Rome we would never have gotten to do the majority of the stuff that we did, the trains were organized very well, but we were not always very good at catching them. There is not much that I can tell you about when it comes to this subject.
This next subject is the last subject, but it is a very interesting one, and it is the garden near CastleĀ  Gandolfo. The garden was beautiful, it had some of the only trees that had the only native trees that were left from before they reforested. It was amazing, I had never heard of the majority of the trees that were in that garden, and there were not only plants, there were also fountains and ancient ruins. I have finished the blog for Rome and I will blog again when I have been to another place.


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  1. From Omi & Opi Sauer:

    Dear ‘Concluding’ Tour Director Priscilla,
    Who reforested? Why?
    Thank goodness for the trains. If I had sent all my hi-heel shoes, your feet would have hurt walking to Rome.

    Posted on August 10, 2013 at 7:35 pm #
  2. From Vivien Carson:

    You wrote a very clear and easy to read blog. I’m impressed. You could look up the information about the wall… I remember it, and there is information about it you can find. Did you have Italian gelato? Delicioso, no?

    Posted on August 14, 2013 at 11:12 pm #

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