Apr 20

Nadine: South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

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Elephants, and crocodiles, and leopards, oh my! That is what I thought while we were in South Luangua. We stayed at a lodge called Mfuwe Lodge. It was extremely cool and our guide was awesome. The guide’s name was Manda. He kind of resembled a nature book; he knew all of the scientific names for the animals that we saw from the baboons to the birds. The food at the lodge was also great. My favorite was the BBQ chicken that we had the first day. Some days we would be driving around and the lodge would set up a giant picnic with tables and fires that they make the food on. Our joke about the food was that we would leave looking like a warthog. The two animals we saw the most of were impala and puku. They were kind of like deer. The impala were white, tan, and black, whereas the puku were tan and white. Manda said there were a lot of crocodiles in the water that would drag other things into the water to eat. We saw 27 elephants next to a salt block once. We also saw a pride of twelve lions. Both things were kind of scary, but really exciting. We went to a bush camp for two nights and it was amazing because we were the only ones there. They had tasty drinks and I emptied the stock of ginger beer single handedly. The safari rides were fun and we saw a lot of baboons. We also saw a leopard with two of its cubs. It was great and I can’t wait to go back.


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  1. From Vivien Carson:

    Hi Nadine,
    When I saw the pictures of the leopard and her cubs, I nearly hit the ceiling. That is so rare, so very rare! You are so lucky to have seen that. Leopards are very private, and hard to see. The other Big 5 also seem to have been willing to display themselves and pose for pictures. Did you hear the lions roar at night? It must have been so exciting!
    I sooo wish I could see this too, and I am so glad that you have this chance. Keep writing in your journal. I need to know every detail.
    BTW, I LOVED Ginger Beer when I was a kid (still do), and I used to cover up the word Ginger when my family and I were sitting somewhere on a terrace, because I believed people would think I was drinking a beer! Silly, eh?

    Have fun every day and take mental pictures… those moments will stay with you when you do!
    Ms. C

    Posted on April 27, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

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