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Nadine: Sweden

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Sweden was really fun,  every body was really nice and most of the people knew how to speak English. At the farm, there were a lot of cool things like, the dogs and the chickens. All of the animals were really funny and cute, but the dogs stood out, there names were Tilda and Alice. Tilda was away for part of our stay in Sweden, she was breeding at another persons home. Alice was there the whole time and Alice is very playful,  one of the things that stands out about Alice is that every time you start to run, she runs after you and try so bite your hand or pant leg. The chickens are funny for very different reasons than the dogs, for the chickens are funny because the babies always walk through the holes in the chicken coop to try to get to the older chickens, it is very funny. There is one other funny animal on the farm, and that animal is the humans, and they are very funny, there are 4 kids and the youngest is 1, the next youngest is 3, the next youngest is 5, and the oldest is 7. There is one other funny thing that is not that funny and is not an animal, it is the traditional food at this carnival, it was steamed bread, goat cheese, and butter.  My dad says a nice thing to say about the traditional swedish food is that it is not too spicy. These are some of the best things I witnessed in Sweden.


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  1. From Vivien Carson:

    Is that the only nice thing you can say about the food? When I was a child living in Holland, one of my friends was from Sweden, and their cook made the most delicious pastries and cakes! Did you get to try some of those?

    Posted on July 11, 2013 at 2:46 am #
  2. From Amy:

    When I was in Scandinavia I recall that salt was considered a spice. Tex-mex seasonings were not an option. That said, butter and cheese are wonderful on good bread!

    Posted on July 11, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

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