Aug 11

Hank: Vourvourou, Greece

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While we were in Vourvourou we met our friends the Seremetis’. they took us to a crepe place the first night where me and my dad got a chicken, mushrooms, and olives crepe. It was delicious. Me and my dad went on a hike with them which took three hours. It was really fun but I was very tired when I finished. One evening me and dad and Nadine and George, Laurie (the parents) and Alex who is the youngest of two. That was very fun and two days later we went on a kayaking tour with two guides. They took us to three beaches that were only accesable by boat. At the second one we ate a delicious lunch of sandwiches and following that was a super sweet mellon. I ate three pieces. We also kept finding these cool little hermit crabs that would crawl on to your hand and tickle it.


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