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Hank: Tree of Life Children’s Village, Zambia

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Tree of Life is a really cool orphanage. It is located just outside of Lusaka, Zambia. It rescues kids from very bad situations in Zambia. The Tree of Life people then school the children and put them in houses with twelve kids and two house moms. The houses are either only boys or only girls but school is coed. The houses have all different ages of children living in them. A house could have a 17 year old and a five year old both living there at the same time.

The boys at Tree of Live mostly play soccer but sometimes play baseball and volleyball. Girls played a lot of “touch” which is their name for tag. They also played some soccer. There was a boy named Mulanga who could build anything. While we were there he built a 2 story mud house that was about 2 feet tall. It had a sky deck and a little Lego door on the bottom. When you opened the door it would be hollow inside. It was really cool.
The family we stayed with in Lusaka was great. They lived about 20 minutes away from Tree of Life. There was a 6 year old, a 7 year old, an 11 year old, and a 12 year old. Their names were Emmi, Elli, Bennett, and Parker. The dad’s name was Clay and he worked for Tree of Life. Their mother’s name was Erin. They had a nice house with a swimming pool and a trampoline. All the kids ride horses and the two older boys play a sport which I did not know existed until I got there called polo cross. It is a mix between lacrosse and polo so it is like lacrosse on horses.
Zambia was my favorite place of the trip by far. Between the safari drives and the Tree of Life it was just amazing. If I got the chance to return anywhere I have ever been I would choose here without a doubt. I am seriously considering living here when I am an adult instead of any of those normal retirement homes like Colorado or France.


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  1. From Bonny:

    Hank, you have a long way to go before any retirement home. Your sense of humor is awesome. Respect, Dude. So glad that this experience was rewarding and fun, too! I hope you can remember every detail to paint lots of word pictures for me when you return. Love you, Aunt Bon

    Posted on May 10, 2014 at 8:25 pm #
  2. From Vivien Carson:

    Heard a bit about the place from Nadine’s emails. What a great experience for the children. I’m glad you went there, and so glad you had the African experience.

    Posted on May 31, 2014 at 5:24 pm #

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